Sunday, 19 April 2009

Holiday run down - part 2!

Day two, and I woke up at an obscenely early (for me) time and then spent a good hour just lounging around the hotel room. Once I finally got my act together, we went out for a walk around town again. The city center was pretty close, probably only a 20 min walk from the hotel, if that. Valencia is full of old buildings and stuff, and I love stuff like that, so I was pretty much in awe the entire time.

We visited several churches and stuff, which was quite cool. We also climbed up about 456372 steps to get to the top of this tower thingy, and from there, we could pretty much see the entire city. Again, we went a little overboard with the taking of pictures, and a lot of them repeat over and over, so I'll just post a few of the most important ones.

For those who are interested, this is the tower we climbed to the top of. Anyway, moving swiftly on, we carried on our walk after that, even though I was already pretty much knackered. We went to something like a street market in the older part of town which was fun, but I totally forgot to take pics because I was too busy wondering what to make my dad spend his money on.

Now, this may seem pretty random and I'm sure the people of Valencia were wondering what the hell kind of drugs I was on, but the drain covers there are totally cool and I wanted to take a pic because they have the city crest on them and I love the bat.

At about 2pmish, we went back to the hotel so I could change my shoes because I was getting blisters and then I managed to persuade my dad to go to Bioparc, which is basically a zoo. There was three parts to it, not that I even remember what those are, but you were allowed to walk in with the animals at certain parts which was really cool. I went round to see the lemurs twice because they were uber cool. First time round, I got the not so physically fit lemur that needs to move it move it, to pose.

And the second time round, I managed to get a pic of a lemur bebe! They were all huddled like that, then they moved around a little and suddenly, there it was.

There was a bird show too, and there was all kinds of birds of prey (and a porcupine) in it, but I only managed to take one or two pics because I was too busy watching.

I also got a pic of a giraffe doing that funny split leg thingy they do when they have to drink water from a lake or graze at ground level.

And er...sleeping lion. That is all.

There was actually loads more pics from the zoo, I camerawhored the hell out of that place and took pics of most of the animals, like the zebras, lions, lemurs and Aleksandr meerkat. If anyone wants to see the rest of the pics, feel free to ask.

On the way out, there was a stand that was selling horchata, which is a drink made from tiger nuts, water and sugar, so I got my dad to buy me some and it was reaaaally good. I totally wish they sold it here, I'd probably drink it every day. Anyway, after that busy day of walking around, we were too tired to go into town for dinner so we went to the local shop to buy some food (yes, chorizo was on the shopping list) and then went back to the hotel to stuff our faces. The weather was totally gorge again, 24 degrees and sunny, and I got sunburn from being out and about in town. Last time I pay attention to the weather forecasts here before going away, I didn't take any sunblock because it was meant to be all cloudy and crappy in Valencia. Pft.

Because of the Easter period, the first two days we were in Valencia, it was really quiet, most shops were closed and then museums and stuff are usually closed on Mondays so there wasn't all that much to do, but then from Tuesday onwards, it picked up and suddenly, the entire city was buzzing.

5 comments: said...

:L :L :L :L
I'm speechless and in awe of the gorgeous and historic buildings in Valencia! Great pics Gina!

Also - it just occurred to me... that not-so-physically-fit lemur could very well be a preggers, no?

And Horchata! :L
So it's good? I have to run to that Spanish Cafe here to try it.
But i read that the one in Valencia is more special :D

Vanilla Bear said...

Lol not so physically fit lemur! Aww! And the BEBE, so cute!

I've never heard of horchata before, is it like a Valencia thing only or Spanish thing?

Also, I loooove the buildings :D

Clarice (Aianna) said...

I got to sneak in time for Internet!!! Yessss! Everything is sooo pretty! I cannot wait to see the other piccys so that as you told me, I can feel like I was there.

I love the old buildinga and the churches. There is a church here in Manila that looks similar to the one you posted on here. The arches on the doors are the same, etc. I am guessing you will love Manila, its mostly full of old Spanish buildings and churches. Though I dunno if you can take the heat, LOL!

The lemur and the lion! LOL! The zoo you went to was totally amazing, the one I went to in Taiwan was so enclosed and all. Boo.

I can't wait to hear about the Mestalla tour in great detail. :)

Sarah said...

Oh wow! I love all the old buildings!

And aww the lemurs! We have the safari park nearby which sometimes can be great but sometimes alarm bells ring when one of the animals escapes but that hasn't happened for a while. *knocks on wood*

Can't wait to hear about the Mestalla tour :D

LoveLamps said...

Great pics and wow is that place gorgeous! The zoo sounds awesome too. Love the chubby lemur and the bebe. Love it!