Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Football shirt collections...

Ok, so a while back, Vanilla Bear did a post about her collection of football shirts, and I promised in the comments I would take pics of my shirts when I get the printing for my Valencia shirt. Well, that arrived yesterday, so here's the post. I have 2 Liverpool shirts (Owen and blank) over at my mum's, as well as my England shirt (yes, you can really tell which NT MY priorities lie with...) but this is the rest of them. I guess I will do this in chronological order, because it's easiest that way.

So, the first one was actually my Owen shirt, but I don't have a pic of that, so you'll have to imagine it and we can move on. Next in line was the Gerrard shirt.

Then after that, it was the England shirt I think. I don't even remember when my dad bought me that. *shrugs* It's the reversible away one. And then there was the Agger shirt...
After Dagger, I think the next shirt I bought was the other Liverpool one that has no name on the back. The one I don't have a pic of. Then I think I went a while without buying any shirts, and for xmas my dad got me this:
I bought a kids Spain shirt online after that, because it was only £9.99 and like hell I'm missing out on that price!
Then one day in Brighton, I went on a major shopping spree for football shirts and bought the following:
I did want to get Masch's name on the back of the Liverpool one and Veeyah's name on the back of the Spain one, but the kids shirts are a little too small to fit Mascherano on the back and they didn't have the right printing for the Spain one. Pfffft. They're all currently blank, but I'm going to get them printed at some point. Honestly, I have a problem.

And then after all of that, I still wasn't happy. I'm a Valencia fan, yet I didn't actually own a Valencia shirt until this season. Mind you, I'm glad I waited until now, because Valencia Experience - BEST. SPONSOR. EVER. (You know, aside from the fact they didn't actually PAY the team anything...) Anyway,I currently have two. Trust me when I say that number WILL grow.

I still NEED a Veeyah shirt. I don't much care whether it's a Spain one or a Valencia one, but I need to buy one. It might possibly be the new Spain one. Or maybe next season's Valencia shirt and I'll get Albiol (or Marchena) on the Spain one. *shrugs* I still don't know. Also, I want to buy a Barca shirt with Xavi's name on the back. I don't support Barca. I'm not even sure how much I like them tbh, but I like Xavi so yeah...

I need to get a Liverpool shirt with Sami's name on the back as well, because he is such a club legend, it would be shocking for me to not own one. No really, I have a problem. I'm going to end up with more football shirts than anything else in my wardrobe at this rate.


chicnandia said...

You have a RM shirt??Who's??I never really bought a shirt for me,I usuallly buy for my brother and then end up wearing them fav is a RM Zidane one.. Love your collecton!!

Sarah said...

Six years ago, my cousin bought me a RM shirt with Beckham on the back. Its somewhere in the back of my wardrobe. Might be under my school clothes with all the other things I never want to see again.

Vanilla Bear said...

Yay, I'm glad you also did this G! I love that black Pool shirt, so hot :D

I'm also shocked you haven't got a Dahveed shirt! Make it your priority!