Monday, 6 April 2009

Player of the week

Well, it was pretty much inevitable. Dahveed is back. Dahveed is player of the week. I think it's his hint that I have been neglecting him waaaay too much of late. I'm sorry Dahveed, I still love you lots like jelly tots. Anyway, he was back for Valencia and he scored twice, and he only had base layers covering one thigh and his knee was all strapped up. Poor baby. My knee hurt just looking at him :(


Buena said...

LOL "love you lots like jelly tots" haven't heard that one before!

Dahveed was one of the two highest point earners for me.

What was up with the one baselayer btw? I know it's an improvement but if your not gonna wear one, may as well do without the other.

Sarah said...

Well done Dahveed even though I haven't got an FF team anyway.

LOL Buena! My friend Tasha always signed her cards and e-mails to me with 'love you lots like jelly tots'. It made me laugh.

He was wearing base layers, he just rolled one side up. I'm with you though on this, if he couldn't wear them because of the knee thingy, then he shouldn't wear them at all.