Wednesday, 29 April 2009

*fans self*

Ok, so while we were on a search for a specific guy for Vanilla Bear, I discovered this site and I got lost in there. Anyway, my object of lust is Bernardo Velasco. He's 22. He's hot. And erm, I kind of want his babies.

I think I need a very cold shower. VERY cold.


chicnandia said...


Sarah said...

Woah! Should come with a health warning!!!

Malin said...

Heeeey!!! Put up a warning sign, I nearly died of a heart attack there!

Vanilla Bear said...

I have no words, he is too hot... mmm Bernado!

And we still didn't find my guy Gina :( although that won't stop me dreaming about him and his hose hehe!

Misty Stiletto said...

Oh yum and he has hairy armpits. I was totally not expecting a guy with that body to have any boily hair. I like.

So what does he do? Actually who gives a f**k when he looks like that?!