Thursday, 23 April 2009

Do I even need a reason?

I love his tattoos. And this pic killed me. I haven't quite recovered the ability to function properly, because really, showing me this at 10pm when I have to finish roughly 3000 words of dissertation was a killer move, twin. If I fail, I'm holding you responsible :P
I kid, I kid. It's my own stupid fault for going extensively fangirl and forgetting that to survive, you need to do this thing called breathing.


Clarice (Aianna) said...

Excuuuuse meeee, I am not going to be held responsible for your failing! I quote: "I was supposed to check over there if they had pics from the game, so I would've seen them anyway." :p

But yeah, I ignored the fact that you had to finish your dissertation and I knew perfectly well that the post would kill you. LOL!

Ohaaaiiii Ruano. The things you do to us. said...

Alexis is probably one of those rare people who could pull off that sleeve tat without looking too yakuza-y.

Also - wow - blonde armhair on top of the tat.
Now I can't imagine Mata getting a tat on his forearm.

Misty Stiletto said...

Oh now that is a hot tatt.