Monday, 10 November 2008

<3 Candy Corn

Thank you Steph for introducing me to the wonderful world of candy corn. I just wish they sold it here. I would totally become one of those people that overdoses on it and ends up feeling so sick, I never want to see it again. Not that it would stop me. I have a terrible short term memory and a very sweet tooth. Bad combo, huh?

It's seriously good, and if you've never tasted it, why the hell not? You don't know what you're missing out on! Lucy and I came to the conclusion that it tastes like a mixture of fudge and those candy sticks they sell here. You know the ones, the pretend cigarettes. You remember, right?

Anyway, yeah, I guess this was just my 'expressing appreciation of candy corn' post, it's out of my system now. I'm off to find some sweets.


Stephanie said...

:D See, candy corn is magical and I still don't understand why it's not sold in England either. Maybe America is just too greedy and doesn't want to share the goodness.

Lucy said...

Or maybe it's because we have fudge and candy sticks which come in greater quantities Steph! :D

Sarah said...

Yay for candy corn!

Stephanie said...

Erm Lucy, you can buy a 1lb bag of Candy Corn for 99 cents! I just didn't want to pay postage ;P