Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Blog Challenge #5: The hot list

I am going to attempt to narrow this down, because I'm sure we all have better things to do with our lives than read through a list of men I find hot, so here's my top 10 in no particular order.

Kimi Raikkonen. Those. Eyes. Kill. Me.

Jay Hernandez. He's a cutie and I sat through Hostel for him. Never. Again.

Johnny Depp. Don't tell me you wouldn't.

Keanu Reeves. Just hot. End of.

Alexandre Despatie. Like he needs a reason, have you seen what he does for a living?!

Frank Iero. I love him so much, I named my hamster after him.

James Franco. Oh dear god, yes please.

Adam Garcia. He is not at all the reason I have watched Coyote Ugly more times than I care to remember. Nope, not at all...

I was going to try and not include any footballers in the top 10, because you all know which ballers I like. However, these two are just too good not to include, and they're probably my fave people in the world right now.

Dahveed Veeyah. Is an explanation for this one really necessary?

Vicente. Also known as The Thigh. He also does not need a reason, he just is.

Honourable mentions go to David Silva, Raul Albiol, Alexis, Mata, Josh Lewsey, Nicky Byrne, Jason Statham, Orlando Bloom, Dave Grohl and Ian Watkins (the Lostprophets one, not the Steps one!)

There was plenty more I wanted to include, but I told myself I'd narrow it down. And you know, I have to leave in like an hour, I doubt I'd have time to put them all in.


Venice said...

Oh wow! The list is full of win - especially James Franco....mmmm....

Lucy said...

Wow Gina, you so have a type! That Despatie guy.... *fondly remembers the video*

Mmm hotties, best blog challenge yet? I think so.

peachie said...

Oh yeah, i'm with you on adam garcia..totally not the reason I watch coyote ugly every single time it comes on tv.

You soo have a type but it's a great type to have! Johnny D's and James Franco's pics, so yummy.

senorita.blue said...

(picks up jaws from the floor)
Woahhh - lethal post... Mr Depp, Mr Franco, Mr A Garcia, the Thighs... yeah - you do have a type G - and it's hot hot hot!