Wednesday, 12 November 2008


We all know by now that nobody does manpiles like the Spanish. I'm sure we can still remember the goal celebrations from Euro 2008. Well, the Valencia boys have pretty good manpiles themselves. Obviously, there's a lot of love in that team, what with all the pairings. The Davids, Silva/Alexis, Veeyah/Mata, Veeyah/Vicente, Silva/Albiol. Basically, the Davids are something like the team whores. Anyway, who really cares about all of that. They beat Getafe 3-0 at the weekend, and the manpile that followed the second goal basically involved the entire team. It was good to watch.


Lucy said...

I'm getting all nostalgic remembering the Villando manlove at the Euros, it really was such a highlight! :D

*sighs happily*

Sarah said...

Haha yes Lucy! The flying tackles :D