Monday, 10 November 2008


This pic made me happy in so many ways. See the contrast in the shorts? But yeah, that's not the reason for the pic. They are training together a lot lately. And being all pally. Which makes me insanely happy. They are totally BFFs now, I swear. They're always together. It makes me feel kinda bad for Silva though...he's allowed to join in when he's back right? Because as much as I love Alexis (you've seen the 'kiss' right?), it's the Davids. I refuse to have them split up ever, it's already been too long without guy love.


Lucy said...

I tried to look at Dahveed but I couldn't get past Vicente's short area... I'm happy for them being hot BFFs though! Poor Silva, he'll just have to consol himself with Albiol? They can be little and large! said...

Errr - Vicente is definitely stealing Dahveed's spotlight.
Yeah - am missing the Davids combo.
Thought Silva is back in training?