Friday, 14 November 2008

Happy Friday!

So the weekend is here. And that's pretty sucky because it's the end of my holiday and I have to work tomorrow and Sunday. However, that picture made it all better. Thank god it's not any bigger. I think it would actually kill me. THOSE. THIGHS. Yep, that's all I have to say. The Thigh is living up to his nickname. Now, excuse me while I go and scream into a pillow or something.


peachie said...

Gina & Ali's New & Improved La Liga FFT:
Vicente: 12 puntos
5 puntos for taking on a double team and looking good while doing so
5 puntos for showing the thighs
3 puntos for tight shorts
3 puntos for well coiffed do
-4 puntos for long sleeve base layers

Lucy said...

10 puntos for showing the thighs surely? said...

Loving the new & improved La Liga FFT, peachie!

But what would happen to players who opt a shorter hairstyle - let's say... Canna?