Monday, 10 November 2008

Down with base layers

Now, we all know Dahveed is a fan of base layers. It's not a new thing, and I suppose I'm at that stage of my life where it pisses me off, but I accept it because I have to. I'm ok with it now. Sort of. What I am not ok with is the fact that the base layer trend seems to be spreading. I don't care how cold it is in Spain, there is never an excuse for this:

The long sleeves are just a no go. The fact that he is The Thigh does not excuse him. His arms are just as nice, they must be appreciated. I know at least one person that will agree with me on this. However, the fact that he scored does redeem him slightly. And then this just redeems him all the way and then some.

Mop and bucket please? Those shorts...I just can't even form a coherent enough sentence or find the words to express how insanely happy this guy makes me with his love of tight clothes. At least he isn't succumbing to the evil that is base layer shorts. If he ever does that, I will cry. Honestly, my world will end.

I get that base layers have a 'reason' and that players wear them because it helps them cool down and not be all sweaty but really, could they not invent a better way of sorting that out? Base layers are ruining my life!


Lucy said...

*Waves hand in air* I am that one person who will agree! The Thigh's brazos are just as good! (To me anyway!) :D

Sarah said...

I will also agree with that statement. So you have two people! said...

The Thigh! Love that nickname :D
And bless him for compensating for Veeyah's love of the evil layers.