Thursday, 6 November 2008

Referees phail at life

It was their first group game in this years' competition and they should have won relatively easily. The first half was a relatively slow affair, with not many notable chances. The one moment of the half that stood out for me (other than pretty much any time the camera zoomed on Vicente) was a poor tackle from a Copenhagen player on Renan, who was thankfully able to continue the game.

My stream cut out at the start of the second half so I have no idea what happened or how for about 15 minutes of the game. Mata came on very early in the second half in an attempt to boost Valencia's attack. This seemed to pay off, Morientes getting the opening goal just five minutes later. It would be just my luck that I missed the goal, but got my stream back about 10 minutes later. Ugh.

Anyway, besides drooling over Vicente and willing him to score, I didn't really pay too much attention to the game. *feels like a very bad fan* Baraja was replaced with Fernandes, another attacking change by Unai Emery. The final substitution was my favourite of the night. Veeyah on for Mori. This came just seconds after Valencia had a second goal disallowed for offside. With this strike force, another goal seemed inevitable. Sadly for Valencia, the next goal in the game did not come from one of their players. They will feel hard done by as they had a good goal disallowed for offside, and the Copenhagen goal came from a foul throw.

Sometimes, football is unfair, and Valencia will feel they should have got more than a point from this game, but they should have been well ahead long before the equaliser went in. They only have themselves to blame. Let's just hope they'll be back to winning ways at the weekend.


Lucy said...

It is too annoying when refs do this, you'd think they'd have it all sorted these days wouldn't you? But I swear there are more problems now than there's ever been!

When it comes to disallowed goals, they should have a challenge like on the tennis :D *nods*