Thursday, 13 November 2008

Silva's back :D

He's back in training.Well, technically, he has been for a week or so now, but I just kind of didn't post about it earlier. God only knows why, I love him to bits and Valencia have sort of missed him. He's all strapped up because his ankle's still not strong enough, but seriously, look at the muscle!


peachie said...

silllllva!!! yay, i've missed him even though he's just going to help Valencia stay above RM in the table even more. glad he's geting back in action.

Lucy said...

Yay Silvaa!! I still remember those negative puntos though mister *grrr smiley* but Los Brazos is forgiving if you come back to work with stubble and form :) said...

Oohhh Silvaaaaa!!!
Glad he's back in training - hope he could be fit enough for the RM game in December.