Friday, 14 November 2008

Blog Challenge #4: 5 favourite words

Ok, so this week our blog challenge was to pick our favourite 5 words, and give reasons for them. Most of my favourite words are made up, so I had to think really hard about this one, but the final list is as follows and yes, I did put real words in here:

5 - Banshee: Does there really have to be a reason for liking the words? Because I don't think I have one for this. It just rolls off the tongue easily.
4 - Cappuccino: well, this one's pretty self explanatory. I'm addicted to coffee, therefore one of my fave words was bound to be something to do with it.
3 - Gargantuan: This one just makes me laugh basically. Who the hell would take the time to say this instead of saying huge?
2 - Strudel: And it has to be said with a slight German accent. It's just a cool word, I have no other reason for liking this one really.
And finally, we come to my favourite word of all time.
1 - Aubergine: I don't care how many times I hear this, it makes me laugh every time. I honest to god cannot say it without bursting into giggles.

Words I like that didn't quite make it into the list include oaf, foetus, conk, mush, squish, anemone and coconut. These are mostly for the comedy value, I seemingly have an obsession with words that make me laugh when I hear them/say them, and all of these fit the bill. No, I don't quite know why either, though coconut makes me think of that song. "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts" and that's what makes me laugh, I guess.

Also, some words that I absolutely hate are antidisestablishmentarianism (seriously, you think I care that it's the longest word in the dictionary, it's too long to effing remember!), diet (just the thought of one of these makes me break out into a cold sweat) and butter - that last one is just because I have a common accent and never say the t's so it comes out sounding like 'buh-uh'.


peachie said...

ooh really good words!! i love banshee and strudel, and i didnt even know what aubergine was :S. learning new things every day.

LOL at buh-uh. i'm one of those people that overpronounces there t's so butter doesnt work for me either. terrible word.

Lucy said...

Oh yeah cappuccino is a great word! I actually really like this blog challenge come to think of it!

Stephanie said...

Aubergine is a really good one, love that word. You have really good words.