Monday, 3 November 2008

Monday morning blues

Ok, so technically, it's not morning anymore, but still...I was kind of hoping that after the shittiest weekend in the history of the world, Monday would bring many happy things. Sadly, it didn't :(

Firstly, I overslept this morning. I missed the early train to Brighton and we all know what that means. Sad days for needing sleep, huh? Then, I got to uni only for my friend to text me and tell me she won't make it in on time so I had to sit through a seminar all on my own. Add to that the gaping hole I have in my heel from a popped blister, the fact that I could barely drag my feet, let alone lift them off the ground and the fact that I had to leave uni early cos I wasn't feeling well, it's shaping up to be another one of those weeks. Bring on the holiday, I say.


Lucy said...

Aw no Gina you missed him! Although it might be good, he might think you're playing hard to get! ;)

*hugs* though, it does sound like one of those crappy weeks :( Don't worry, you'll get through it xxx