Wednesday, 19 November 2008

International round up

The England-Germany game, I'm not even going to bother doing a detailed report on. It was basically the England reserves, because all the first teamers were 'injured' so I couldn't be bothered to watch really. Not that I would have done anyway. England bore me lately, and I don't like their attitude. Who the hell would say 'nah, sorry, I can't play for my country, I'm injured'?? Fair enough, it's only a friendly, and I am club over country every time, but have a bit of national pride FFS. If you're deemed good enough to play, then effing well play unless there's a legit reason you can't. I wouldn't care so much if it was a friendly against Kazakhstan or Andorra or someone equally 'not good' but it's Germany, you should be falling over yourselves to play. Overpaid twats. I'm sorry if that offends England fans (and technically, I am one) but the press is just too obsessed with them and how they perform, and it's just too much pressure. Please get them back to the glory of '66 soon, before I lose faith in them completely. Oh and they finished 2-1 to England. Oh yay, oh yay.

Spain were playing against Chile, and they went in at half time 1-0 up. I don't even need to tell you who scored, do I? Yeah, that's right, Dahveed again. Riera got fouled (see, it was my boys that made that goal, how proud am I? Though considering that almost half of the Spain squad is made up of my boys, it's not really that difficult to have them involved in some way.) The first half wasn't the best I've ever seen Spain play, and Nando was on the bench as he recovers from the injury he picked the last time he was on international duty.

Pepe played the second half and kept a clean sheet because he is awesome like that. Nando came on for Dahveed, and then scored Spain's second of the night. And then to top off a great evening, Santi scored the third to put the game well beyond Chile's reach. The only thing that was bad about Mata didn't get a chance to play. At least, I don't think he did, my stream cut off 5 mins before the end, and I don't think he'd come on yet. Poor kid, so near...

But all in all, a good evening for football. *is purposely ignoring the Serbia-Bulgaria result*


Venice said...

I'm really sorry about the Result We Shall Not Speak About...believe me, really sorry :-((
But happy times for Spain - I saw Dahveed scored! Congrats Mrs Villamelon... I bet he scored again after the match as well *percy*

Lucy said...

England won :D *ignores the individuals, focuses on the bigger picture*