Monday, 24 November 2008

Blog challenge #6: Pretty women

This week, our blog challenge was to list the women we think are beautiful/pretty. Now, I had a pretty tough time narrowing this down (should I be worried about that btw?) because there's a lot of women I think are pretty. Apart from all my lovely blogger friends (whose pics I won't put up in case they don't want you to know what they look like - aura of mystery and all that), the special ones that made the list are as follows:

Halle Berry - Can you believe this woman is over 40? *wants to look like that too aged 40*

Salma Hayek - well, yeah, self explanatory. You'd have to be mad not to think she's pretty.

Catherine Zeta-Jones - she's one of those rare women that still look good without make up. I'm jealous.

Penelope Cruz - erm...are you noticing a pattern here yet?

Angelina Jolie - even after having 3 kids, she looks amazing. Shame she's hooked up with Brad Pitt though. Ugh.

So apparently, I not only have a 'type' when it comes to guys, I have a type when it comes to girls too. I'm pretty sure that there's loads of others I could put into the list (someone that isn't an actress for a start) but I watch a lot of movies, so yeah...


Stephanie said...

Penelope and Cruz and Salma Hayek are two of my faves. Gorgeous list G *thumbs up*

Lucy said...

Penelope and Cruz? lol Steph

Great list, although I'm having difficulty with this challenge I have to say... I think everyone else is going to get all the good ones lol

Caramel Bear said...


peachie said...

Yeah, you got all the classic beauties! Penelope, Angelina, Hallie, Salma. It's mindblowing. Definitely the cream of the crop, great list. said...

Great list Gina!
CZJ - how could i forget to include her in my list...heee.