Sunday, 9 November 2008

Weekend round up

This is going to be a short report, due to the fact that I actually missed the Liverpool game at the weekend because I was working. I got home just in time to see Setanta sports inform me that they had won 3-0. Yay for my FFT, and yay for the boys who were top of the table again, even if it was only for 24 hours until Chelsea won. Keane finally scored two goals (yes, you did read that right, I said two) though he's still not convincing me he's worth £20mil. Maybe I'm expecting too much of him, what with Nando being the golden boy. The thing that pleased me most was that Liverpool actually won a game convincingly. None of this last minute winner bullshit they've been inflicting on my lately. They outclassed their opposition and actually got the result to match.

Valencia couldn't go top of La Liga no matter what their result, but they could overtake Real Madrid on goal difference and go third with a 2-0 win. Thankfully, they were in a winning mood, and they had a large chunk of the possession despite being the away team. By the end of the first half they were a goal and a man up thanks to a headbutt from Soldado on Marchena. The referee was having a shocker, he was a bit too card happy for my liking, handing out cards left, right and center, but the sending off was the right decision. So were the 500001 offsides he gave against Dahveed. Even though I was pissed off at the time.

The second half was a bit more open, with Getafe having chances as well as Valencia. A poor tackle of Veeyah should have led to a second red for Getafe, but the referee let it go with just a yellow. That guy wants to thank his lucky stars Dahveed got up and carried on. Valencia again had a goal disallowed for offside totally unfairly, I don't know what the referees have got against them but it needs to stop. Like now. Joaquin wasn't to be denied though, he scored after 68 minutes to give Valencia the 2 goal lead they needed to go 3rd in the table. Vicente made it 3-0 on 80 minutes, putting the game totally beyond Getafe's reach.


blue_skyz said...

Well done 'Pool and Valencia!
I saw Joaquin's goal clearly and sooo glad that he found his form.
And sooo happy that Valencia is still winning despite all the injuries!

peachie said...

i tuned in for the 2nd half and Joaquin's goal was fantastic. I still can't look at him though without thinking of that special picture...

Lucy said...

I didn't see Valencia, but Pool played well Gina! So annoyed that Rafa B didn't bring Nando on til really late in the game though :(