Monday, 10 November 2008

Miserable weather

I really hate the British weather, it's sucky beyond belief. All it ever seems to do is rain. Even as I'm typing this, Ican hear the rain pattering away at my window, and quite frankly, it's too early in the morning to deal with this. I wish I lived somewhere exotic where it rains when it's supposed to, only for a little while, then stops and the sun comes out. It's not even winter yet, but we've already had the first snowfall (see here for evidence) and the miserable weather with the long cold night and the short cold days. Please make it stop soon, I hate the idea of shivering my butt off every time I step foot outside the door.

3 comments: said...

hmmm... Spain might have a better weather? :D
Or - you could move to Oz in winter as we have our Summer during that time.

Lucy said...

Mmm I kinda like the bad weather, but only cos it gave me something awkward to say to Spanish cleaner today :S Awkward is better than nothing right? haha

peachie said...

Aw yeah, I like a good rainy, gloomy day but I'm sure that's because they are so rare around here. Sunny Spain vacay definitely needs to happen!