Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Yes, I win at life.

Well, my day so far has been totally brilliant. I finished my dissertation proposal (go me!) and did most of my other work for uni, and I finally sorted out my photobucket as well. I never thought that organising a bunch of pictures would take me longer than writing 2000 words for a dissertation proposal, but apparently, it does.

So, thanks to that fabby bit of news, I am super uber happy today, despite my cold. I hope my good mood carries on after the football tonight, Liverpool need to win and put me out of my misery when it comes to watching their games recently. Thankfully, Man U were unable to beat a 10 man Villareal last night (10 man thanks to Ronaldo and his fucking cheating. He wants to wait until I kick him across the shins, then he'll know what a foul is!)

Only bad thing that happened to me today was that I woke up at 8, but that gave me more time to finish all my work, so I can't complain.


mallymoodle said...

Huzzah! said...

Well done Gina!
Am so proud of you finishing the dissertation ahead of time :D
And for reorganising your photobucket too - that is hard work!

Lucy said...

Well done for getting it done Gina! :D