Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Liverpool phail sometimes.

There are times when being a Liverpool fan is incredibly stressful. Like tonight. Nando again didn't get a chance to play against his former team, ruling himself out in favour of recovering 100% and helping Liverpool advance in the Premier League.

The game wasn't all that eventful for the most part. I don't even really want to say too much about it because it was a disappointment. Liverpool had many shots on goal, far more than their opposition, most of which came from Daniel Agger, but none led to a goal. Instead, it was Atletico Madrid who took the lead, Maxi scoring late in the first half.

The second half was more of the same. Liverpool continued dominating possession, but could not find the goal. It was their defenders that were proving the more attacking force, Daniel Agger missing several more good chances. Liverpool were also denied a penalty when the ball hit Perea's arm inside the box, appeals waved away by the referee. They were lucky not to concede a penalty later in the half, the referee having a nightmare evening. He made very few right decisions all night, and the most controversial of the night was when Steven Gerrard was felled in the penalty area and he showed no hesitation in pointing to the spot. The captain made no mistake, slotting the ball in deep into extra time to even up the scores and ensure that both teams still have a chance of topping the group over the coming weeks.

Poor Dagger had an awful time, dislocating his finger during the second half, but the Dane simply went to get it popped back in and carried on playing like nothing had happened. ♥ for the boy.


Lucy said...

Oh yeah it was not the best of games at all :( But at least we didn't lose! And yeah we deserved more decisions earlier in the game so it does even out. Ugh. I don't like scrappy games like that, pull yourselves together Pool!