Saturday, 22 November 2008

Weekend round up

Liverpool phail. That is basically all I can say. I didn't see the game, I have no wish to see the game. 0-0 against Fulham is simply not good enough. Sort it out boys. Pretty please? I know that your Captain Fantastic wasn't there, and he's the one you turn to when the shit hits the fan, but please find another superhero for when he can't pull your sorry asses out of the ground. It's getting rather annoying being called a one man team, and they can't help but prove it's true occassionally.

Valencia played a Sevilla side level on points with them before this weekend's games. The task was simple. Beat them and stay 3rd at the very least. The Thigh was ruled out of the game, but that just meant that Mata played on the left wing. He was keen to prove a point to Del Bosque, who called him up to the Spain squad but did not make use of him. Damn fool. Alexis was also back in defence - right after I sold him from my FFT might I add! It was a pretty open first half, with both teams going close to opening the scoring on several occassions. Renan made a brilliant save to deny Luis Fabiano, and thanks to the great goalkeeping on display, the first half finished 0-0.

The second half needed to bring goals if either team was to overtake Villareal and Real Madrid to go second behind Barca. It was a scrappy second half, with some poor tackles, runs and decisions. Valencia were by far the more attacking of the two teams, Palop called into action very rarely, but still more often than Renan. It was a game of many bookings though, with Sevilla playing dirty and committing foul after foul. Unfortunately for me, Valencia weren't able to get the goal that would put them second, but that's alright. It's a long season. And at least they didn't lose. Besides, 0-0 suggests a boring game, but it was far from boring.

And to sum up - 0-0 was the score of the day. Could they not have given me one goal to keep me happy? Ugh.


Sarah said...

0-0 is better than losing by 3 to Man-freaking-City!

Lucy said...

0-0 is so boring and disappointing. What a crap footballing weekend it's been :(

Venice said...

Yeah, it was rather anti-climactic :-/
the next one should be better for sure.