Friday, 17 October 2008

<3 Caffeine

Having looked back at the past few years, I've realised that I drink far too much coffee. I could quite happily get through a jar a week, and most of the time, I do. Considering that I'm back at uni now, and travelling a lot, coffee is often my saviour. It keeps me awake and alert. The only problem is, that carries on well into the night, and I'm starting to worry about the fact that I only get about 6 hours of sleep a night and end up dozing off in lectures.

This has prompted me to make a major life decision. I am going to TRY and cut down my caffeine intake. I don't know how well it'll succeed, I'm pretty sure I have some kind of addiction to it now. I'll need you girls to help me because I will be tempted to make a coffee every few hours. I'm limiting myself to one a day - in the mornings - and the rest of the day, I won't have any to see if that helps my sleeping pattern. If it doesn't, I guess I'll just go back to drinking 5 coffees a day. I can't help it if they make it so bloody good!


Lucy said...

Aw Gina! How about cutting down gradually at first, because it'll be hard to go from 5 cups a day to just 1.. First start with 4 cups for a few days, then 3 and so on. I think that'll be easier ;)

Stephanie said...

Coffee is too good. I all of a sudden just started loving it. I don't know why or what got me started, but it's too good, but never more than one cup a day!