Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Spain U21s are made of win

So last night, the Spain U21s won their game against the Switzerland U21s. Having not watched the game (stupid world conspiring and not letting me have a live stream!) I don't have a clue whether they played well or not. I was following the game on bet365 and I guess from that, I could probably say that they dominated the game. It was a stressful time though, and by no means an easy game. They went 1-0 down within 25 minutes, and that meant that as things stood, they were definately out of the 2009 Euros. However, they managed to turn it around. 2-1 before the final whistle meant that extra time and possibly penalties loomed. Our baby Spaniards did us proud, scoring the winner in extra time. A 4-3 aggregate put them through to the final group stages at the expense of the Swiss.

Most of you probably don't actually care much for this result, but for Blue, Steph and me, it was an important game because we all had players in the Spain squad we wanted to do well. Fingers crossed that they can follow in the senior squads' footsteps and win the competition in 2009.


Stephanie said...

I'm so happy they won! They are made up of so many great players that they deserved to!

Lucy said...

Yay go U21s! I was about to call you a pedobear when I realised you're younger than Mata.. oops lol

V. Adeline said...

YAYY!!! So happy that Spain U21 got through!
Hope they prepare well for next year's Euro, and hope they'll get a good draw (3rd of December, ladies).

And yeah - could someone please organise more broadcast for Spain U21, please?
Photo coverage would be helpful as well.

(is a embarassed to assume her cougar status - but he really looks older!!)