Thursday, 30 October 2008

Lets all perve at the pretty world of football

Ok, it's about time somebody did a post on all the good things about football. By 'good things' read 'hot players'. There's something out there for everyone, and even though I make a point of throwing a strop when people call me a fangirl (I DO know about the sport dammit!) I can have total fangirl moments. This is one such moment. Enjoy.

I'm starting off with a non-baller, just because I don't want Lucy to feel left out.

I want his babies. I really do.

I know his twin. Not his literal twin, but it's good enough for me. At least he speaks English...

Oh Canna, how we love you and your love of being shirtless.

I'm actually so jealous of his hair. Like, words cannot describe the envy.
He's the God of Spanish football. 'Nuff said.

Most perfect profile in football?
Oh Niko. *sigh*
Charlie, you may have appaling taste in football teams, but you're still a cutie.
Cescy, the eternal goofball of pure cute.
*turns to mush* That. Smile.
Well hello Mr Bojan.
Xabiiiii :D
Lashes. Looks good no matter what. But shirtless always helps.
Dahveed. Like this one needs an explanation...

Albiol. The Sausage. Hells yeah!
Stubbly Silva. It's not just my knees turning to jelly, right?
Ok, and now that I've managed to make it through that without collapsing, I think I need to sit down. And day dream. Hope you enjoy ogling as much as I did.


peachie said...

i would like to give this post an A+++. so much pretty. *goes back to stare more*

Stephanie said...

Agreed Ali! Great post G. I especially loved Canna, Raul and Bojan, but I'm sure you knew that ;)

And you are def not a fangirl, I think a lot of your other posts certainly prove that you are knowledgeable in footie matters *thumbs up*

Lucy said...



*Appreciates the Rafa love*


mallymoodle said...

*crawls off the ground to see that collection of hotness*
*hits the ground again*

Lucy said...

I came back for seconds and it was just as good *drools*

Sarah said...

I think everyone else pretty much summed it up.

Thank Iker for Spanish football. Otherwise we'd be stuck with the Rooneys and Tevezes of the world.

V. Adeline said...


This post is lethal!!

*crawls to get out - steals another glance on the hotties*