Thursday, 16 October 2008

I feel a bit heartless

My train to Brighton got cancelled today, and at first I was really pissed off. It's the third or fourth time since I started uni I've had serious trouble with the trains, and I'm starting to think that maybe living in London and going to uni in Brighton isn't such a good idea.

That was until I found out there had been a fatality and that's why all the train services were delayed. I felt so bad that my first thought was 'why couldn't this have happened yesterday?' but then I actually thought about how bad that makes me sound. Anyway, not that the people this concerns will find their way onto this blog (and if they do, I'm sorry, I was just stressed out), but my sincerest condolences to them at this tough time.


Lucy said...

If it's any cosolation, it if were me I'd feel guilty for being happy that my train was cancelled, and therefore had a legit excuse not to go to uni!

But RIP the poor person who died :(