Wednesday, 29 October 2008

<3 Stevie G

So here it is. The first post on a Liverpool player, and who better to start with than Steven Gerrard. Our Captain Fantastic. The man who gives 110% for his team every time and never says never. He's already making a name for himself as a Liverpool legend, and he still has so many years to come.

I could say that he was the reason I started supporting Liverpool, but I'd be lying. That honour goes to Michael Owen. However, he is the reason I have continued to support them and my love for the team has grown over the years. I love his dedication to the team, the way he leads from the front. The mark of a true captain. He is capable of leading without being overpowering, and I know that when the team are down and out, in desperate need of a lift, he'll be there to motivate them. The proof of this lies in many games over the years, but perhaps the two that stand out most in my mind are the CL final of 2005, when Liverpool came from 3-0 down at half time and won the whole thing. Yes, it was nerve wracking, and yes, they never do things the easy way, but my love for Stevie soared on that night.

The second game - the FA Cup final the following season. Seemingly, all was lost, West Ham were leading with just minutes remaining on the clock. Liverpool fans had their heads in their hands, they couldn't watch. And then...then the miracle happened. A goal out of nowhere, and it was that man again. Steven Gerrard. He had such an influence on the game, it was to become known as The Gerrard Final. An honour not many players have recieved in their lives, but very much a deserved one for the Liverpool midfielder.

Some may argue that he's still got a lot to learn, that there are better midfielders out there, and to them, I say pish. Considering his age, he is currently - in my eyes - already one of the best midfielders in the world. Certainly the best in England right now at any rate. There should be more footballers out there like him, fiercly loyal to their teams and not willing to leave at any cost.

Yes, he may have his off days sometimes in an England shirt, but for Liverpool, he has never let the fans down, and lets face it, that's what I really care about. There's none of this diva bullshit, and if he's injured, he lets his body heal. Unlike John 'the bionic man' Terry, who seems to think it's a sign of how hard he is playing with concussion and god knows what else wrong with him for Chelsea, but gives up thechance to captain his country because he has 'a sore back'. Stevie's not willing to risk his career for the sake of playing a few extra games, never lets club or country down if he can help it and he's alway ready to give everything to ensure his team wins. That there - signs of a footballer who's in it for the love of the game, not all the perks that come with it.


Lucy said...

All I have to say Gina is WORD!

Stevie is awesome, I love him for all the reasons you said *thumbs up*