Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Why does it always rain on me?

There are three simple rules to keeping me happy:

  • If I don't have to be awake at an obscene time of day, don't wake me up.
  • Do not try and stop me having my caffeine fix unless you WANT to deal with a moody cow.
  • Above all...don't expect me to be sociable if you break either of the above rules. I will more than likely hold a grudge for the rest of the day. Deal with it and move on.

My mother broke the first of those rules this morning. Wednesday's are by right my day away from uni. It's the one day of the week I can enjoy a lie in, get some work done and then spend the rest of the day doing whatever I feel like. Waking up at 8am when I have nothing to do and nowhere to be is not something I particularly like. In fact, I hate it. I suppose if I want to find a good thing about it, I'm done with my work earlier than planned. However, I don't really feel like looking on the bright side. Being tired does that to me. I've had three coffees already (is there some kind of limit on how many coffees you should have in a day? I'm going to go over that today) and I'm still yawning.

Most of you will by now have heard about the total nightmare of a day I had yesterday. I was bored during my lecture, the trains were totally out to get me, and it rained a lot. Today is a totally different story. As luck would have it, the one bloody day I have off uni, the sun is shining, it's kinda warm and there's not a drop of rain in sight. I don't know whether that annoys me more because it'll be back to raining tomorrow when I have to go to out or because I had so much work to do for various seminars, I couldn't actually go and enjoy the rare bit of nice weather. Well, that combined with the fact that I accidentally locked myself out of my mums - with both sets of keys inside. If I go out, I have to stay out until 7. Which would be totally great if it didn't start raining about two seconds after I step foot out of the door. Every time. It's a curse.

Now that I'm done with my uni work and complaining about stuff, I suppose I should make use of the time I have and make a start on people's Christmas cards. If you all want to send me your favourite pic of your baller/tennis player/male celeb, it would make my life infinitely easier. If you have more than one fave, that's fine...but I can't guarantee they'll all make it on there, so tell me which one you definately want to avoid disappointment.


Lucy said...

Aw Gina :( Being woken at 8am on a day off is never ok, but fortunately everyone I live with understands this! I hope your mum now realises her mistake lol

And how can I choose my favourite picture of Rafa?? Ok so at the moment it is prob one of the green shirt ones on my blog... mmmm so yummers. And hey, green is a Christmassy colour! :D

Stephanie said...

Oh, I'll have to choose which guy I want and which pic......hmmmm, this is not going to be easy at all!