Friday, 17 October 2008

The paranormal and a cute pup

As you may have read already, I couldn't get to Brighton yesterday because somebody got killed on the tracks just past Haywards Heath. Anyway, today when I was on the train, I had the weirdest feeling ever. As we drove past Haywards Heath, I suddenly got a chill down my spine, like an actual proper shiver. Considering I was wrapped up nice and warm and the sun was shining, I highly doubt it was because I was cold. It really creeped me out!

Anyway, I had the most boring seminar which only lasted about 35 mins, which annoyed me no end because seriously, I travelled 3 and a half hours for that? I just wanted to get home, put my feet up and start the weekend early. I was in a foul mood (which seems to be happening freakishly often lately) and got on the train back home in a huff. It was as though the gods had decided to smile down on me when there was the single cutest dog I've ever seen in London. I took some pics on my phone, but the stupid software won't let me upload them :(

It was so cute and playful, I spent the whole train ride laughing. Especially when a little toddler went up to pet the dog and this kid was seriously a third of the size. Every time the dog turned around to sniff at the kid, it would back away and start crying, but then as soon as the dog turned it's back, it got brave and tried to pet it again. It was hilarious and mean at the same time, I felt so cruel laughing at the poor thing. He looked so scared!


Lucy said...

Aw Gina - I'm sure you'll get the pics up here eventually :D

Weird about the shiver :S that would freak me out a bit!

Stephanie said...

Aw, that's weird, but cute animals always make everything better!