Friday, 10 October 2008

Trains = load of shit

Ugh, you know that feeling when you wake up that it's going to be a bad day? Yeah, I had that this morning. And trust good old public transport not to let me down. I really should learn to drive. Then I can complain about the ridiculously overpriced petrol instead, but at least I won't be stuck on stupid trains with a bunch of people complaining about being late for their show on the telly. Big fucking deal. I have the feeling I'm going to get sick of all this travelling by the end of the month, and then I won't want to go to uni. Way to ruin my education!

On the way to Brighton, there was a fire on the train before mine, meaning that we had to wait for ages for them to put the fire out and move the train so it wasn't in the way. That was a delay of at least half an hour. I barely made it into uni on time, and I thought that that was enough bad luck for the day. Thank god I usually get the earlier train. Otherwise, there would have been no point in me even turning up to my lecture today.

The trains had other ideas. The train back from Brighton was delayed - again, because of the fire on the train in the morning - and we spent a good 40 minutes in between stations waiting for the signals to let us move. It's beyond me why they couldn't have moved the effing broken train away from the tracks in the first place. Instead of getting it out of the way and avoiding delays, they left it on the tracks and then only let one train through in each direction on the remaining track. Aargh! A journey that should have taken me just over an hour took me 3 hours. And all this for 45 minutes worth of lectures. Is it really worth it?


Lucy said...

Aww Gina... commuting sucks. I wish I could tell you it gets better, but you just have to get through it - and skip as many lectures as you can get away with ;)


Stephanie said...

This is a totally foreign concept to me, but I can only imagine how annoying it must be!