Wednesday, 15 October 2008

New look for meeee

I'm one of those people who gets bored with the way they look practically every month. Sometimes I change, sometimes I don't. It usually depends on how lazy I'm feeling. Anyway, dying my hair...again...has been on the 'to do' list for a long time. I spent a stupidly long amount of time thinking about what colour I wanted it, and in the end, I settled for burgundy. It doesn't look that much different indoors, but outdoors, it is RED! I'm glad I went for a darker colour, because really, light hair colours make me look washed out.

In the end, I decided that I simply HAD to dye it, if only to try and erase the disappointment of not getting my tattoo today. I'm quite proud that I managed to not only dye it and get the colour I wanted, but also - you can't actually tell hair colouring has taken place in the bathroom. I usually manage to dye everything else in the room while attempting to do my hair, and considering my dad has just finished the bathroom renovation, I think it's safe to say he wouldn't have appreciated a pinkish tinge to the sink/bathtub/walls.

Anyway, in case you were interested in what my hair looks like:
You can't actually see the full extent of the colour change in that pic because for some reason, my camera has never liked taking proper pictures :(


Lucy said...

Loooove the new hair colour! :D *thumbs up smiley*

peachie said...

ooh i love it too! it's close to that julianne moore color. gorgeous.

Stephanie said...

I like it G, good choice!

V. Adeline said...

Oohh - you look gorge, Gina!
The new colour really suit your complexion and eyes :D