Saturday, 18 October 2008

Today wins at life

So I went into town today...and I got my tattoo. It hurt like hell actually, maybe because I hadn't had one for so long that I'd forgotten what it felt like. Anyway, my regular tattooist had left the place now, so I had to have someone else do it. I was kinda disappointed - until I walked in and saw him. He was a cutie pie, looked about mid to late 20's, had dark spiky hair and green eyes. And he was Australian. He asked me if my boyfriend had any tattoos, and I was like 'well, actually, I don't have one'. And I had my foot on his lap the ENTIRE time he was tattooing me...all one hour 10 mins of it. Here's a pic of it (bearing in mind it's like only a few hours since I got it done so it's still all sore and red):

I couldn't squeeze in the whole thing with the writing, but the roses are the most important part, I feel, so yeah. What do you think? Worth £100. I think so, especially if the tattooist is going to be a cutie. And that includes the second visit in two weeks to check it over and get it retouched if needs be.


Lucy said...

I love it Gina! And that tattooist was so interested ;)

Stephanie said...

I like it G, I'm glad you finally got it!