Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Midweek round up

There were two games to watch on my schedule for the evening. Sadly, neither one was on the telly, and I couldn't find a stream that didn't let me down, so this report is going to be kinda shitty today. I did however manage to catch the first half hour of the Valencia game, during which Mori and Vicente scored a goal each. Sadly, Vicente was wearing those evil long sleeved polo neck type undershirts, so he'd better hope that it was really cold out there, cos he never wears base layers! But my god, did he look good. The first half finished 2-0 to Valencia, which was nothing less than I expected really, they were playing a team so many divisions below them, it's not even funny.

They didn't get the memo though, and just a minute after coming out for the second half, Portugalete had pulled one back. Only minutes later, Mori restored Valencia's two goal cushion. The final score was a respectable 4-1 to Valencia, Zigic scoring the final goal for the current holders of the cup.

And because I didn't watch any of the Liverpool game, I'm relying on other reports to tell me how they did. Apparently, Portsmouth were the more attacking of the two teams, particularly during the first half. Having beaten Chelsea at the weekend, this game should have been easy enough for Liverpool, but they seemed to struggle. It wasn't until the 75th minute, when a Diop handball gave Liverpool a penalty kick that the break through was made. Steven Gerrard scoring the spot kick to giveh is team the lead against a very strong Portsmouth side who until this moment had held their own in defence and were difficult to break down. And that was how the game ended. Nothing breath taking, but a win, 3 points and top of the table a little while longer.

Sorry for the rubbishness of the reports this week, but online streams phail and I couldn't actually watch either game. I'm just going on live score updates and whatnot.


Lucy said...

We'd have won by more if it wasn't for David James actually being good for once (why not for England eh??)