Wednesday, 22 October 2008

What is happening to me?

I am starting to seriously worry about myself. It all started with Alexis, and now it seems like it's spreading. I'm actually starting to care about footballers I am not in any way attracted to for reasons unknown to me. Well ok, with Alexis, I can say it's because he plays for Valencia. But Cazorla? Yeah, I can't explain that one.

I chose to watch Villareal last night (of all the games I could have picked, I settled for that) and it was a very good game, probably the best game in the CL. Having said that, I was flicking between 3 games and probably missed all the good stuff. It seemed like every time I changed the channel to see a goal in one game, there was a goal in the one I'd just changed over from :( There were goals, attacking play and it very much overshadowed the hype of 'the Battle of Britain' which was a boring affair, and apparently, two of Man U's 3 goals came from an offside position. Wow, what a shock that is...

Anyway, the reason I am worried is because during the game last night, I was more concerned about the fact that they weren't showing Santi Cazorla much. And you know...the fact the commentator kept mispronouncing his name. I was even upset that out of 6 goals scored by Villareal, not one of them was scored by him. Now, don't get me wrong, I think he's cute in the annoying little brother kind of way, but I'm not attracted to him. Which makes me think - why was I so concerned about how much camera time he was getting? Is it because he's Spanish, and I'm a little biased in their favour?


mallymoodle said...

Its because deep down he really gets to you.
He's the best friend beta male to Villa's sexy alpha and you're beginning to want a piece of that pie

Lucy said...

What Callie said! There isn't any other explanation really!

Stephanie said...

Gina, you for real LOVE Santi. Yes he's a hobbit personified, but just give in, Callie has it right, you just want him so bad!

V. Adeline said...

LOL @ Callie's comment - brilliant.

Well - Santi is so adorable in a dorky way.

But I would like to remind you of the minty green shirt and matching checked shorts that he wore, before you go too far into this territory.