Thursday, 9 October 2008

La Liga vs The Prem

It's the age old debate. Which do you prefer? The rough tackling in the Premiership, or the silky skillz in La Liga. I watch both, and I've been a fan for...well, a long time. I don't even remember when I first got into La Liga. I think it was the 2003/04 season I really started paying attention, but I'd watched the occasional game before that.

I'm a huge fan of the beautiful game, and I like watching football that lives up to that. Teams that hammer out 1-0 wins week in, week out hold no interest for me. It's boring and it's ugly. Yes, you win lots of points, but who wants to watch a team that defends all the time and plays to win on a quick counter attack?

I have two teams that I would say I'm a fan of. One's an English team. The most successful English team of all time. Liverpool FC. The other is a Spanish team. Valencia CF. Of course, when they come up against each other, there's always going to be one winner - Liverpool. They are my first and foremost team and my loyalty will always lie with them.

When the new season starts, I always find myself caught up in the excitement of the Premiership starting, but that usually only lasts until La Liga starts a few weeks later. I don't know what it is about La Liga. Yes, the good side of it is that they really do play the beautiful game. Even if a game ends 1-0 or 0-0, you can guarantee it will be entertaining. The bad side - the diving. It drives me mad. I've lost count of the number of times I've watched players writhe around in apparent agony, only to hop up and run the entire length of the pitch mere seconds later. It's a part of football that needs to be kicked out, and the sooner the better. Unfortunately, the vast amount of foreign players moving to the 'best league in the world' - The Premier League - means that this kind of behaviour is spreading fast.

The question is, does all the skill shown in La Liga overshadow the ugly side of the game? To me personally, it does. I get a lot more excited about the La Liga fixtures shown live than I do about the Prem ones. The only team I really care about in the Prem is Liverpool. I think it's to do with the fact that it's a mini Spain up there, and in my world, Spanish football is good football. In La Liga, I watch a lot more than just Valencia. Teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona make it onto my viewing list because they're Spanish. They play good football. The passing is accurate, the skillz are incredible and (not that this is important to me at all) they're a damn sight better looking than anything England have to offer...


Lucy said...

Well as you know, I've only started watching La Liga this season so obviously the Premiership is going to win for me, I've watched it so long that I remember when rubbish teams like Oldham and Sheffield Wednesday used to be there haha! But La Liga is more exciting in terms of goals and drama, so watching both is like double the fun. And yeah, Spanish players are hotter :D

mallymoodle said...

Hmmm, I don't prefer one league over another - probably because neither are shown on television here.

All I care about is that one of my teams win their leagues and then the champions league :D

Stephanie said...

La Liga FTW. It's really hard for me and almost a chore to watch a prem game sometimes, where as watching La Liga is always exciting and something I can look forward too!

peachie said...

I've thought about this too and I basically just came down to they are completely different vibes. I've watched more la liga than premiership, but there is definitely something special about the EPL. So yeah like callie said, I guess I really just care that one of my teams does well and wins everything and dominates the world.